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Immigration Concerns

Visa Extension

Visa extension is required in the event that an expatriate employee of Home Credit has a pending application for Alien Employment Permit and Working Visa. The initial month of stay in the country shall be given a “Visa Waiver” as tourist and the same employee may thereafter extend his stay for the periods of one (1),three (3) and six (6) months as the case may be. You need to know about wheres the gold free pokies


The standard fee for Visa Extension facilitation is PhP 3,000.00

Facilitation of this service a duration of 1 to 2 days

ACR and opening of Personal Bank Account

An Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) is required when an Employee has stayed in the country for more than one month. The ACR card is also used to open a Savings Bank Account in the Philippines. There are several kinds of ACR depending on the Visa issued to the employee.


Fee for facilitation of the ACR is PhP 6,000.00

Fee for the facilitation of opening a bank account is PhP 4,000.00

Facilitation of this service has the same duration as a Visa Extension

Special Work Permits and Provisionary Work Permit

A Special Work Permit (SWP) is usually secured for Aliens who come to the country with the intentions of working for a short time of three (3) to six (6) months which is too short for purposes of securing a working visa. A Provisionary Work Permit (PWP) is also issued for those employees who need to work and perform functions while the Alien Employment Permit  (AEP) and working visa (9G) are in process. Legally speaking, Aliens who stay in the Philippines as tourists are not allowed to work or do business until such time that a working visa is issued. To legally allow the Alien subject to work while pending his Working Visa application, the same must secure a PWP. Once the application for AEP has been filed, and even while on process, the PWP may already be secured to allow an alien to legally work on the country


The standard fee for SWP and/or PWP facilitation is PhP 6,000.00

Facilitation of this service a duration of 3 to 4 days from the time all documentary requirements have been submitted.

Alien Employment Permit and Working Visa under Section 9G

An Alien Employment Permit (AEP) by the Department of Labor is a pre-requisite for the issuance of a Working Visa by the Bureau of Immigration. An AEP requires the submission of certain documents, the payment of fees and Publication of the name of the Employee in a newspaper. Upon the issuance of an AEP an employee may then apply for a 9G working visa. In the Bureau of Immigration, the process may require an interview of the employee if the same does not work for the Top 1000 companies in the Philippines. At present conditions, the facilitation of an AEP with the department of labor is more or less thirty (30) days, but once their new system is in place the period may become shorter.


The standard fee for AEP facilitation is PhP 11,500.00

Facilitation of this service normally takes 21 to 30 days

The standard fee for Working Visa Facilitation is PhP 11,500.00

Facilitation of this service normally takes thirty (30) to forty (45) days


Facilitation of Visas for Dependents are included in the Fee structure provided that processing is done together with the employee’s Working Visa.

Exit Clearances

Exit Clearances are issued whenever an Alien wants to leave the country but has stayed in the Philippines for more than six (6) months as tourist. An Alien holding an I-card does not require an Exit Clearance.


The standard fee for ECC facilitation is PhP4,500.00

Facilitation of this service normally takes three (3) to four (4) days




Fast tracking fee for ECC that can be done in one (1) day will cost a higher fee of PhP 6,000.00

Downgrading of Visa

Visa downgrading is done when an alien employee has severed his relationship with the employer or in any manner has pre-terminated his employment. This is normally requested, and facilitated by employer, and the 9G working Visa is thereafter down graded to tourist. The employee’s ACR I-Card with a 9G working Visa is thereafter surrendered and a new one issued as a Tourist.


Standard Fee for facilitation of Visa Down grading is PhP 4,500.00

Facilitation of this service normally takes 2 days

Revalidation of Visa

Revalidation of Visa is required in the event that while the employee’s 9G working Visa is in process, the alien employee decides to leave the country. In effect, upon the return of the employee to the country and his application of 9G working Visa has been approved prior to arrival the is a need to revalidate his visa in order to be recognized as a 9G Visa holder.


Standard Fee for facilitation of Revalidaton is PhP 4,500.00

Facilitation of this service normally takes 2 days

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